• Hello World!

    I am Delilah, I believe my name came out from the story in the bible Samson and her. I am however a Hair stylist as well and that was not written in my destiny or was it? I think it just happened by chance that I loved cutting my own hair and when I was about 10 yrs old while my mother was not near by I got the kitchen scissors and cut my own bangs. Since I am by the grace of god a curly hair texture head, you can imagine how adorable those bangs turned out! yes a very defined mid size curl that was literraly looking like a golden brown sausage!

    A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life

    coco Chanel
  • Promenade avec le chien1

    I am enjoying a walk with this beautiful dog and I have discovered my new passion I never thought I had it in me. A dog walker!

Delilah’s blog journey

Hi this is my first time ever I’m trying to create a blog and I’ve always wondered how did people create blogs? I hope that I will execute a better blog in the near future. i feel like a turtle in a paddle of sand. to be continue…

Photo by Jolo Diaz on Pexels.com
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